WISE Kid-Netic Energy, is an outreach group that provides curriculum based workshops led by University of Manitoba students. WISE advocates for minorities and others who may not be equally represented in the fields of science and engineering.

Recently, students at Elmdale School welcomed WISE presenters, Bea, Sophia, and Spencer. These enthusiastic instructors engaged students from grades 1 to 4 in Coding workshops.  Initially, students practiced following and giving directions on a tarp grid. They discovered the step by step importance of accurate and detailed commands. Students learned, kinesthetically, as they moved their bodies on the grid in order to complete the directions.

Later, students applied their learning as they collaborated to code a variety of electronic devices.  The WISE presenters provided all of the necessary materials for students to use. Students were able to use coding mice and dash robots. Students practiced problem solving and critical thinking as they were challenged to programme the device to do a specific task. Working in small groups, students developed perseverance and resilience.

Many of WISE’s instructors represent minority groups and serve as role models with whom students can identify.  They have quoted Marian Wright Edelman by saying, “You can’t be what you can’t see.”  One of their goals is to make students aware of the various science and engineering career options that are available. WISE aims to inspire all students to see themselves as capable of pursuing their interests in science and engineering. Each year, they instruct over 20,000 students in Manitoba, including students from rural, urban, and First Nations communities.

WISE Kid-Netic Energy also offers workshops in a variety of other science and engineering topics. Workshops are curriculum-based and are tailored to specific grade levels from Kindergarten to grade 12.  Workshops are generally available from September through April. WISE charges a fee for some workshops, but there are other workshops for which no fee is required. For more information, please check out the following links:

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