Here in Hanover it really is all about our kids and their learning, and always has been. Our mission clearly states that we want to provide our kids with the best education possible to prepare them for a productive and wholesome life. It is our challenge to do that in the context of a rapidly changing world.  Our Deeper Learning Plan brings strategy, direction and a structure to our stated aims.

Approximately four years ago Hanover School Division established our priorities as: All students will learn the skills, dispositions, knowledge and values essential to a productive and wholesome life; Building the capacity of all staff so that all students will learn; and partnering with our Communities so that all students will learn.

Soon after establishing our priorities, we then took that a little deeper by engaging all constituencies in the ‘Our Kid” project where we asked exactly which skills, dispositions, knowledge and values are essential for a Hanover School Division graduate.

We are now taking those priorities even deeper – through the development of a Deeper Learning Plan that will bring strategy, direction and a structure to our stated aims.

Learning Partnerships

In Hanover, we believe that there is great power in strong, supportive, personal relationships between teachers and students. Learning is deepened further by extending our learning partnerships to include families and external partners in the community, and across the world.

Leveraging Digital

Leveraging digital technology in our classrooms supports personalized learning, real-time assessment, and provides opportunity to connect families with their children’s learning experiences. By embedding digital technologies into classroom practice, we accelerate, amplify, and add value to learning.

Learning Environments

Intentionally preparing students to understand how their learning environment can support their learning is an important step in facilitating life-long learning. Learning tasks build on earlier successes, creating interactive learning environments where all students are deeply engaged and motivated.

Pedagogical Practice

We desire our teachers to be purposeful in designing classroom learning experiences, and precise in their pedagogy. This requires the use of proven and emerging pedagogical practice. In the context of Deeper Learning, we want to focus on how best to teach our students so that they will learn the eight competencies of Our Kid.

It is our commitment to provide staff with the learning opportunities necessary to fully realize these goals.