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Modeling Good Writing in Middle Years: An Interview

I recently sat down with Jon Kornelsen, Grade 8 teacher at Clearspring Middle School. He has been making significant changes in his approach to writing instruction and is excited about what he is noticing in his teaching and his students’ learning.  This stems from an impactful PD experience last fall. Charmaine: Tell me about what…

Mar 1, 2020 · Charmaine Mackid

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COVID-19 Learning at Home

As a support to HSD teachers during this time of suspended classroom learning, Learning Coaches have compiled a list of resources. It is a place from which teachers can grab ideas as they are planning learning experiences for their students.

View Middle/Senior Years Resources
View Early Years Resouces

Learning Coaches

Lisa Coulter

Gr. K-4 Literacy / Numeracy (HSD)

Melissa Fry

Gr. K-4 Literacy / Numeracy (HSD)

Monica Martens

Gr. K-4 Literacy / Numeracy (HSD)
Indigenous Ed. Support (HSD)

Russ Dirks

Farm to School (HSD)
Sustainable Development (HSD)
PowerSchool (HSD)
Tourond Creek (HSD)

Melissa Dean

Gr. 7-12 Numeracy (HSD)

Brett Schmall

Indigenous Ed. Support (HSD)
Alternative Literacies (HSD)