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Why Do You Teach?

When we first begin this profession, a noble profession I might add, many of us say we want to teach because we want to make a difference. We want to make a difference in the individual lives of our students, we want to make a difference for our communities, we want to make a difference…

Jan 29, 2020 · Randy Dueck

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Professional Learning for Hanover School Division Educators

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Superintendent's Welcome

Learning Coaches

Lisa Coulter

Gr. K-4 Literacy / Numeracy (HSD)

Melissa Fry

Gr. K-4 Literacy / Numeracy (HSD)

Monica Martens

Gr. K-4 Literacy / Numeracy (HSD)
Indigenous Ed. Support (HSD)

Russ Dirks

Farm to School (HSD)
Sustainable Development (HSD)
PowerSchool (HSD)
Tourond Creek (HSD)

Melissa Dean

Gr. 7-12 Numeracy (HSD)

Brett Schmall

Indigenous Ed. Support (HSD)
Alternative Literacies (HSD)