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Woodlawn School is an environment where education and culture empowers our students to grow into caring, connected and contributing global citizens.

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Monica Martens

Learning Coach

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Arts-based PD on the Land with Woodlawn Staff

Land-based learning is pedagogy.  What does this even mean?  Land-based learning is pedagogy?  In a Western worldview, we use the land to provide food, adventure, and as a means to make a living.  In Indigenous ways of knowing and being, I am learning that the land is used and understood much differently; land is text…

Nov 6, 2019 · Monica Martens

Math Assessment in the Early Years

About 30% of students in grade 3, in Hanover School Division, meet grade level expectations in the area of Algebraic Reasoning according to the Provincial Grade 3 Assessment results.  For the last two years, grade 1 -3 teachers across HSD have been inquiring into why this might be and what we, collectively, can do to…

Nov 2, 2019 · Monica Martens