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To create a positive school environment, which promotes well-being and learning.

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Lisa Coulter

Learning Coach

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Building Safety in Math Class

“How can we invite all our students to feel comfortable sharing their ideas in math class?” “We are working on communicating our thinking in math but I have some students that don’t want to share their ideas.” ” I have students that are reluctant to talk in math class, I want them to feel comfortable…

Mar 6, 2020 · Lisa Coulter

Making Connections at South Oaks School

Strong Connections is a valuable time for teachers and students to create relationships.  Kelsey Berkowski is a Grade 3/4 multi age teacher at South Oaks School and she created many opportunities to build connections with her students during these 2 days of Strong Connections.  Kelsey taught Grade 3 last year and was able to carry…

Nov 7, 2019 · Lisa Coulter

Nurturing Collaboration Through Play in Kindergarten

How can we nurture collaboration through play? How can we grow collaborators through play? These questions guided many learning experiences that involved Kindergarten students at South Oaks School learning about collaboration specifically through play. The classroom teacher and I thought about how we could grow the collaboration skills of her students and decided play would…

Nov 3, 2019 · Lisa Coulter