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Niverville Elementary School Aspires to Provide Foundations that Empower Children to Explore and Excel.

Niverville Elementary School
181 Main Street, Box 239,
Niverville, Manitoba R0A 1E0

Monica Martens

Learning Coach

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Writing Workshop: What Happens When Children See Themselves as Writers

Peek into Sheila Krahn’s writing workshop and you’ll see children deep in thought and furiously writing their ideas into all shapes and sizes of books.  Early in the year, Sheila made one, significant change to her writing time with her kids that continues to evolve as they learn how to write from books they read…

Nov 2, 2019 · Monica Martens

Collaborating with Loose Parts on the Playground

Thirty children crowded into the space of a mid-sized sandbox holding pipes, 2x4s and metal pots and pans for 30 minutes with little supervision sounds like a recipe for disaster!  Trust me, it’s quite the opposite. This year, Niverville Elementary School added a sandbox with a wooden tipi structure and a small shed filled with…

Nov 1, 2019 · Monica Martens