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Landmark Elementary School is a community developing life-long learners who DO THEIR BEST, CARE FOR OTHERS, and BUILD THEIR DREAMS.

Landmark Elementary School
177 Second Street East, Box 260,
Landmark, Manitoba R0A 0X0

Rhonda Kubanek

Learning Coach

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Learning to Do… Learning to Be…

Developing Competencies For Life Global competence is having the tools to meet the problems and opportunities of this world.  As we develop combinations of attitudes/dispositions, skills, and knowledge, we are actually developing the competencies that help us to thrive in living and learning. These are developed over time and through circumstances, and can be viewed…

Jan 13, 2020 · Rhonda Kubanek

John Hattie's Barometer of Influene

Know Your Impact – Collaborative Learning Sprints

Working Effectively I’ve never met a teacher out there that doesn’t ultimately want to have a significant impact in students’ lives; to be a contributing factor in their learning so that they will, for the current and the future, not just cope but thrive in life. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be working so hard at our…

Nov 26, 2019 · Rhonda Kubanek

We All Need Mentors In Our Lives…Writers Workshop

For anyone who has been afraid to try something, Drew Sheneman’s wordless (almost) picture book titled, Nope! is inspiring as a baby bird’s fear of flying is overcome when his mama gives him a swift kick out of the nest, surprisingly bringing him much joy. In this book, young readers can ‘read’ the story through…

Nov 1, 2019 · Rhonda Kubanek