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Charmaine Mackid

Learning Coach

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Promoting the Character of a Learner Through Assemblies

The Gist Each month, the administrators at Blumenort School organize a school-wide assembly. The purpose is to promote and further educate about the 6 deeper learning competencies. The focus this year is on the character of a learner.  To help students make meaning and give everyone a practical way to name and notice themselves from…

Feb 12, 2020 · Charmaine Mackid

Building Meaning Around the Deep Learning Competencies

The Gist “Deep Learning is the process of acquiring and growing in the six global competencies.” —Michael Fullan At the center of Hanover’s deeper learning plan lies the 6 Cs. If our goal is to design opportunities for our students to develop these competencies, then it seems logical to get a grasp on what they…

Nov 19, 2019 · Charmaine Mackid

Supporting Knowledge Building With the Help of Experts

The Gist At Blumenort School, the Grade 5/6 class was moving through an inquiry together around the theme “every little bit counts” in regards to environmental sustainability in Manitoba. After using a question matrix to brainstorm wonderings around the topic of zebra mussels, students began digging into online sources to build their knowledge. Derek Kroeker,…

Nov 1, 2019 · Charmaine Mackid