How can we find time to collaborate?  Is there a way to join our classes together so we can team teach and explore these math ideas together? How can we be creative with our time?

These are a few of the questions that came from two Grade 1 teachers at Southwood School. These questions arose after attending a mRLC session that was facilitated by Carole Fullerton and the topic was using Open Questions in K-2 classrooms. The teachers were inspired by many of the ideas she put forth and motivated to put these ideas into action.
The teachers began to brainstorm different possibilities that would support the development of their understanding of the instructional strategies Carole demonstrated. A few of collaboration possibilities they thought of were:

  • Co-Teaching
    • During one of the teacher’s prep times they would visit the other Grade 1 class and co-teach with the classroom teacher
  • Observing Each Other
    • During a prep time, one teacher observes the other teacher facilitating a math learning experience and offer feedback
  • Combining Classes and Team Teach
    • This is a long term vision they have of having their classes be together and work through a math experience together and take note of what worked well in the lesson and areas they want to grow in.

The teachers remain in dialogue exploring these different options with the hope that they will find the opportunity to explore the instructional strategies in their math classes.  As a starting point they are thinking about having their classes connect in other ways and build relationships between the students and work towards designing math experiences where they can incorporate the idea of team teaching together.  I commend their efforts to be creative with their time and commitment to working through these ideas together.

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