When it comes to building a healthy positive culture in your classroom and in your school community, what’s your philosophy?

These four practices can serve as a great self-check guide for me as a teacher. 

Be Ready                                                                                     

If I want my students to be ready to learn, help others, participate and serve in the classroom, then I have to expect the same of myself. I can’t be focused on or distracted by other tasks that need to get done throughout the day.  I need to set the example and be a leader. The more present I am for my students, the better teacher I will be.            


Play with your students. That should be something that every PE teacher puts into practice. Playing with your students is so important to have within your teaching philosophy.  We want our students to develop a healthy sense of play. If that is an expectation in your classroom culture, then everyone will have a lot of fun!

Make Their Day

We have a great opportunity to encourage our kids. So much of their day revolves around whether or not they have PE that day. We can make their day by showing them a simple act of kindness, maybe giving them a compliment, or some specific positive feedback. That would absolutely make their day! You know the saying, “they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”        

Choose Your Attitude

Finally, not only do I have to choose my attitude every day, I want my students to choose their attitude as well. I need to take responsibility for how I’m feeling. I need to take responsibility for my choices and I need to choose my attitude.  If I have a positive attitude towards my students, more often than not they will do the same in return, and that will lead to a positive and healthy culture.

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