Brett Schmall

Brett self describes as a pedagogical risk-taker.  He holds to the notion that teachers are artists whose medium is pedagogy.  Arts based learning ‘saved his educational’ soul way back when, and he is a proponent of it across grade levels and curriculums (drama pedagogy in particular).

As a learning coach, Brett recognizes the challenge teachers face when exploring something new.  Getting ‘comfortable with the uncomfortable’ in an effort to create rich learning experiences for students is what it is all about though.  Learning can be messy (sometimes that’s the best kind!), but teachers shouldn’t be afraid to explore and experiment with their pedagogy just because something may ‘go wrong.’  The encouragement is to think rather, of all the things that could ‘go right.’

Areas of interest and experience:

  • Indigenous Education Support
  • The Arts
  • Literacy/Alternative Literacies


Scavenger Hunt as Pedagogy?!

392 awesome students.  80 courageous teams.  12 thought provoking missions.  2 risk-taking learning coaches.  1 daring school. This year’s Strong Connections p.m. activity at Niverville Middle School was truly a team effort.  Taking the form of a scavenger hunt with an Indigenous Perspectives theme, the event saw randomized groupings of the entire 5-8 grades up…

Nov 1, 2019 · Brett Schmall

Of Partnerships, Competencies, and Business Education

Having spent the last two years as part of the NCI Deeper Learning team, Mark Lebar has taken that learning and let it really impact his practice. The tangible proof is in what he is doing with his 40S Business Management class. At the end of last year, the Niverville Chamber of Commerce reached out…

Nov 1, 2019 · Brett Schmall