Barb Galessiere

I am committed to coming alongside teachers; being a sounding board as we learn together and be brave together.  I appreciate every moment in a classroom because I know I’ll learn more about kids, about teaching and about myself.  I love the inquiry journey; diving into questions with teachers about curriculum and the competencies and I look forward to the opportunities this year will bring.

As a learning coach, I appreciate the creativity of designing rich learning experiences with others.  My hope is that while working together, teachers find me a safe and encouraging helper;  a source of motivation and inspiration.

My passions are exploring all things literacy and discovering the insightful ideas students bring to texts through their own understandings.

Areas of Interest and Expertise:

  • Literacy/Literacy Across the Curriculum
  • Exploring Math
  • Assessment Conversations
  • Unpacking Curriculum
  • Makerspaces and Problem Based Learning


Celebration of Learning at SMS

“Our Celebrations of Learning are an opportunity for our kids to show their parents what they are learning in school every day – whether it’s 3D mapping, French verbs or what they are designing in our Makerspace.  Each student can proudly teach their parents something new they’ve learned!” Rita Rebizant, Principal, Stonybrook Middle School “Are…

Dec 11, 2019 · Barb Galessiere

Doesn’t every child matter every day?

I was walking down the hallway at LCI and stopped at the Orange Shirt Day bulletin board where one of our Grade 7 students was carefully reading the ideas on each shirt, many with the motto “Every Child Matters”.  His question “doesn’t every child matter every day?” stopped me in my tracks.  It wasn’t the…

Dec 4, 2019 · Barb Galessiere

Think Big… An Inquiry Practice

What does “Think Big” mean as an inquiry practice?  We explored one of Kath Murdoch’s The Art of Inquiry cards at our first SMS staff meeting  and talked about the big idea of “inquiry teachers design and teach with concepts in mind.”  As a staff, we noticed that we often go straight to content when…

Nov 2, 2019 · Barb Galessiere

Mining for Competencies

“Long before anything of value can be extracted, significant exploration and development needs to take place…”  from the World Gold Council One of the goals of deeper learning is that we and our students grow in both understanding and demonstration of the 6 C’s.  We want to be better communicators, collaborators and critical thinkers.  We…

Nov 1, 2019 · Barb Galessiere