Land-based learning is pedagogy.  What does this even mean?  Land-based learning is pedagogy?  In a Western worldview, we use the land to provide food, adventure, and as a means to make a living.  In Indigenous ways of knowing and being, I am learning that the land is used and understood much differently; land is text and teacher, land is pedagogy, land is relationship, land is life.

On September 3rd, the Woodlawn staff engaged with the land in arts-based professional development as they thought and talked about what the land could teach us about children and learning.  Together we took a fifteen minute walk out to some green space.  Provocations and thinking routines were provided to spark and guide the discussions.

As I listened to these teachers and EAs speak of what the land was teaching them about children and learning I was struck by the new and unique understandings and wonders that surfaced because we used the land as the learning environment and pedagogy.

I am grateful for Woodlawn teachers and EAs who share their wisdom, compassion, intuition and innovation with each other and with us.  Have a look …

Woodlawn PD September 2019

(PD facilitated by Brett Schmall and Monica Martens)


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